Vehicle wraps are an effective way to market your brand and business to consumers while on the go. Think of it as your company’s personal moving billboard, capturing the eyes of new leads throughout the neighborhood! Compared to other forms of signage, such as billboards, fascia signs or even window graphics, car wraps have a much stronger return on investment. How is this measured? Easy. The key word here is impressions. Car wraps get a much higher impression number compared to the cost of the car wrap. So for instance, over a span of five year a $2,000 car wrap may be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Many of them will be potential clients and some will contact your business. Let’s say the number is 200,000 people or 110 people per day. There is simply no other form of advertising that will get even close to this kind of return on investment. However, to get this kind of attention your wrap needs to look pretty awesome. For a vehicle wrap to be a successful marketing tool for your business, it needs to be of high-quality and good shape to prosperously capture interest of potential new clients!

How long do car wraps last?

Varying on the level of maintenance and care taken towards your vehicle wrap after it’s been installed, vehicle wraps can last anywhere from 1-7 years. What drives this? Several elements, including material, installation and the environment. The first one, material is perhaps the most decisive. There are basically two families of vinyl, cast and calendered. Cast is what premium sign companies use in full wraps, as the material is more malleable and can thus conform to the curves and channels of the vehicle. Besides having more plasticity, cast material expands and contracts with the metal of the car, as better quality adhesives and will fade less. So all in all, a cast material will last five to seven years before showing signs of wear and tear. Calendered on the other hand, is a less expensive kind of material but the differences are significant. On a best case scenario a wrap with this kind of vinyl will last two or three years. And even worse, it will expand and contract differently than the body of your car, so over time a black ring will develop around the graphics. By year three the vinyl will begin to crack and after that it will be truly hard to remove it. With this being said, there are various actions and care protocols that can be taken to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle wrap. Although if your wrap is faded, bubbled, or scratched, it may be time to replace and upgrade it, ensuring for full marketing potential for your company.

3 Signs You’re in Need of a Car Wrap Replacement

1. Your car wrap is damaged

If your vehicle wrap is damaged, it might be time for a replacement. In what ways can you see damage to your wrap? If you see any fading, scratches, peeling, or stained areas to your wrap, it may be a good sign that your wrap is damaged, and therefore, may result in a quicker deterioration of its quality throughout time. If this is the case, a vehicle wrap replacement is a good option to ensuring for an eye-appealing advertisement to be implemented for your business!

2. You’ve upgraded your branding

If your business has recently upgraded its branding, it just makes sense to upgrade your vehicle wrap along with it. To solidify your brand consistency, it is best to replace and upgrade your car wrap to strongly suit your updated branding!

3. Your car wrap is bubbling

Bubbling in your vinyl wrap can form, and either expand, or pop due to exposure to heat. Meaning, it doesn’t portray a very appealing look to consumers crossing, as well as can damage your vehicle underneath. Therefore, if you notice your vehicle wrap is starting to bubble, or has already developed some bubbling in the material, it might be a good indicator you’re in need of a wrap replacement or upgrade!

What now? – Car wraps near me!

If you find yourself noticing any damage, bubbling, or upgrades needed to be done to your car wrap, here at Toolbox Branding, we can easily help you replace your wrap to fully optimize your vehicle’s marketing capabilities! Schedule a consultation to request a free quote, and start working with us today!