When investing in a vehicle wrap for your business, knowing and fully understanding the materials used, will ensure a smooth process of design, production, and installation of your vehicle wrap! There are many aspects to consider and questions to ask when planning your wrap, although to kickstart the basics, let’s make sure you understand the type of material used for majority of vehicle wraps; 3M Cut Vinyl.

What is 3M vinyl?

3M vinyl is the material that’s used for majority of our vehicle wraps, and it presents itself as the perfect vinyl material for graphics applied to flat surfaces, and/or compound curves. 3M vinyl is the most durable, and long-lasting option for vehicle wraps, as it maneuvers with simple folds, to allow for air bubbles to be released and steady/ clean application to occur!

Why should you use 3M vinyl wrap for your vehicle?

3M vinyl is often used for most vehicle wraps, as it has thin and flexible characteristics, therefore, being easy to work with, and highly adhesive to any vehicle. If you find yourself wondering if 3M cast vinyl is the right choice for your vehicle, here are some benefits below that demonstrate why 3M vinyl is the perfect option!

Benefits of 3M cast vinyl for a vehicle wrap

1. Huge selection of colour

3M vinyl comes in a variety of colours and finishes, therefore, when designing your wrap, there are various choices available to ensure your wrap best suits your branding and business message!

2. Protects the original paint of your vehicle

The 3M vinyl used for your vehicle wrap will initially be a barrier for your vehicle, protecting it from environmental factors. Meaning, it will act as an extra protection layer from scratches, and the possibility of outside damages! If the vinyl wrap does in fact become dirty overtime, the cleaning process is effortless, with the simple action of a wash with gentle soap and water!

3. Remove or update your vinyl wrap

3M vinyl is a very easy material to work with, therefore, if you feel as if you’re in need for a vehicle wrap update or removal, each process can be done without any damage to your vehicle’s original paint or structure!

4. 100% customizable

As mentioned before, vinyl comes in a wide variety of colours, therefore, can be easily customizable to your company’s colour scheme, and aesthetically represent your brand’s image!

TIP: When choosing colours for your car wrap, focus on pairing together high contrasted colours, to successfully standout to consumers on the road!

How much does a 3M vinyl wrap cost?

The average commercial 3M vinyl wrap can cost anywhere from a low of $1500 to $3500, depending on the type of wrap it is, and the type of vehicle being wrapped as well. If you’re looking for a specific price or quote on your vehicle wrap, we can certainly help you here at Toolbox Branding, just visit: www.torontosignsandwraps.com

How long does 3M vinyl last?

The simple answer is, a 3M vinyl vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 1-7 years. As that seems like a big jump in difference, the lifespan of your vinyl wrap all depends on the aftercare actions that you take to fully ensure for a healthy, successful wrap in the long run. To guarantee you maintain your vehicle wrap, check out our article soley focusing on aftercare: How to Effectively Maintain your Vehicle Wrap!

What now? – 3M vinyl wrap near me

With a better understanding of the material used for vehicle wraps, you should have a better idea to how your vehicle wrap is going to turn out, as well as how you should take care of your wrap afterwards! For more information on design, production, or installation of a vehicle wrap for your company, get a free quote.