Are you interested in investing in a vehicle wrap but have no clue where to start? Do you have some design ideas floating in the air, although are struggling piecing them
together? That’s where we come in to give you our best designing tips that will help you decide on a clear and effective wrap layout for your company!

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps provide your business with the most cost-effective method of ‘effortless marketing’, allowing a wider audience and increased number of potential leads to be reached while on the road. To invest in a fully successful and optimized vehicle wrap for your company, your design and message has to be clear and concise for your consumers to be able to read while you pass them on the road! Below are 5 of our best tips to help you choose and design a vehicle wrap that best suit your company and your message!

5 Tips to choosing the Best Design for your Vehicle Wrap.

1. Take measurements of your vehicle

The first thing to do when planning your vehicle wrap, is to take measurements of the vehicle you will be using. Whether this be taking measurements yourself, or bringing your vehicle into our shop for us to take measurements, allows you to grab a fit and feel for the type of vehicle the graphics will need to fit. Taking measurements of the vehicle’s sides, roof, rear, and hood will ensure for effective planning and execution of your wrap.

2. Gather insights of competitors wraps

In order to efficiently promote your brand and business through your vehicle wrap, you need to firstly ensure that your wrap stands out against the other wraps in similar industries. If consumers are constantly exposed to familiar graphics, colours, or designs, they become more susceptible to ignoring these advertisements or failing to stop and engage in what similar wraps are marketing.

Therefore, to design a wrap that stands out with creative and unique properties, researching your competitors wraps and marketing methods, is a crucial step to ensuring preeminent strategies for your business!

3. Use contrasting and bright colours

One of the biggest factors in deciphering between designs for your vehicle wrap is the colour and contrast of your design. There can be much power held in which colours you choose for your wrap, especially ones in which include high contrast shades. Colours are now associated with emotions in regards to design, therefore, choose colours that best suit your brand, evoke the right emotions your company portrays, and brighter colours that can be easily seen from farther distances!

4. Choose bold and clear lettering

Speaking about farther distances, your vehicle wrap design needs to include bold and clear lettering so it can be easily read from consumers and potential leads on the road! With bolder and bigger text or graphics, your vehicle wrap will stand out with a higher chance of capturing the eyes of new leads!

5. Make sure your design represents your brand and message

When designing your vehicle wrap, it’s important to keep in mind your company’s brand and message when knowing what to portray on your wrap and who to market too. Keep in mind your company’s target market, as well as a design strategy for your vehicle wrap that is going to initially build and strengthen your brand identity!

Piecing it all Together

It can be easier said than done to design and curate an effective vehicle wrap that ensures capturing various potential leads while on the road! Although, with these 5 tips above, you should have more guidance to designing your perfect vehicle wrap, of course keeping in mind the steps it takes to make your vehicle wrap successful and effective!

You’ve got your design, now what?

Now that you have more ideas on how to piece your wrap design ideas together, you may be wondering ‘where can I kickstart my vehicle wrap now’? Here at Toolbox Branding we work together to help design, produce, and install the perfect vehicle wrap your company needs to ensure for an increase in sales, leads, and outreach with your brand. For more information, visit our Vehicle Wraps page.