Are you having trouble deciding between investing in a vehicle wrap or continuing with the marketing strategies you currently have? We know a vehicle wrap can be a big change and investment when it comes to thinking about your business, although here are 5 reasons as to why the investment of a vehicle wrap is worth it for your company!

Vehicle Wrap Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

 Unlike the more common methods of marketing, vehicle wraps provide your company with the strategy of ongoing advertising and outreach of your brand and business. Having your advertisement presented on your vehicle, allows for more flexibility with who and how many customers see your ad. This method of constant marketing among distances, is otherwise known as effortless advertising, and can capture new leads, higher sales, and increased brand awareness, all from a low cost.

5 Ways a Vehicle Wrap will help Boost your Business

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available to businesses today. Not only do they turn vehicles into rolling billboards, but they also provide long-lasting promotional value that can help take your business to the next level. Here are five ways that a vehicle wrap can help boost your business:

Strong method of local advertising

Vehicle wraps grasp the concept of local advertising very well. As we are seeing an increase in consumers looking to invest in more local companies, having your brand’s personal touch on your vehicle demonstrates a great sense of trust, and interest in your local company as you drive around town.

Non-aggressive advertising

Nobody likes an advertisement that becomes too annoying or aggressively pushy, as it will drive consumers the opposite way of wanting to invest in a company. Vehicle wraps allow for your business to actively promote your company’s brand, although from a more subtle and natural stance, essentially grabbing the attention and interest of consumers on the road!

Continuous exposure to consumers

As mentioned before, wrapping your vehicle is an easy and effective way to exploit a 24/7 marketing method for your business. Not only will your vehicle advertise while in motion on the road, but just as any standard outdoor sign would, your vehicle continues to advertise and grasp consumers attention while parked.

Low-cost, high value

In addition to being relatively inexpensive, vehicle wraps have several additional benefits.

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl graphic or decal placed on the car, truck, van or trailer of a business. When wrapped properly, they are highly visible and can be seen by everyone in traffic, as well as from far away – providing great advertisement mileage and exposure for your brand. Vehicle wraps also protect the exterior of your vehicle and maintain its value when it’s removed. Plus, unlike most other advertising methods that require ongoing fees or fixed payments to keep content ads running; a single payment covers the entire cost of wrapping vehicles with graphics that can last up to five years!

Helps to create brand consistency

What better way to combine your company’s marketing methods into a moving, effortless, billboard on the road, than a vehicle wrap. Allowing consumers to consistently see your branded car, will remind them of your company, and make them remember your company’s brand and name.

Vehicle wraps are an increasingly popular way to leverage an organization’s marketing and branding. By utilizing a vehicle wrap, organizations can create a consistent message that is displayed on the roadways. Vehicle wraps provide more visibility than traditional forms of advertising, as they are seen by thousands of people as they pass by.

The process of creating a vehicle wrap is relatively simple, but it takes a high level of skill and creativity to bring out the best in a wrap design. Companies must consider how their brand colors, typography, logos and other elements will come together to create the desired impact. Additionally, depending on the type of vehicle being wrapped, vehicle owners must also be mindful of the size constraints when designing their wrap.

What now – getting your vehicle wrapped near you 

Now knowing the influential ways in which a vehicle wrap can help boost your business, you may be wondering where or how can you start? Here at Toolbox Branding, we can easily help you optimize your vehicle to reach your company’s full marketing potential at a low-cost. For more info on how you can easily and effectively optimize your vehicle, visit us here at:  to request a free quote, and start working with us today!