What is Lighted Signage?

Signage lit up by artificial lighting, usually in the form of interior or exterior lighting fixtures, is called lit signage. These signs are made to be seen and readable both during the day and at night, making them extremely useful for drawing attention to themselves and disseminating information in various circumstances.

Outdoor billboards, storefront signs, channel letter signs, neon signs, LED signs, and illuminated menu boards are just a few examples of the various types of lighted signage available. The lighting components are positioned behind the sign face or built into the sign structure to provide illumination.

What is the purpose of lighted signage?

Multiple functions of illuminated signage are served in various contexts. First, it is essential for advertising and promotion since it draws attention and spreads awareness of goods and services. Outdoor advertising frequently uses these signs to promote brands and attract customers. Second, lighting signage is a wayfinding aid directing individuals around buildings or locations. Outdoor lighted signs are the main attraction for the customers.

Types of Lighted Commercial Signs For Business

Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs 

 Lightbox or cabinet signs have an illuminated box construction with clear graphics or inscriptions, making for a colourful and arresting presentation.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs 

Front-lit channel letter signs are composed of distinct letters or forms with LED lights built into them that radiate light from the front, producing a bold and arresting visual effect.

Backlit / Reverse-Lit / Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs that are backlit, reverse-lit, or halo-lit: As opposed to front-lit signs, these signs emit light from behind the letters, giving the signage a stunning halo effect that makes it stand out.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are popular for companies looking to evoke a retro or nostalgic appeal. They are iconic and timeless and emit a vibrant, eye-catching glow using neon gas.

3D Backlit Logo Sign

These signs combine a three-dimensional logo’s strength with backlighting to provide an eye-catching display that gives a brand’s identity more complexity and sophistication.

LED Lightboxes 

 LED lightboxes are adaptable and adjustable signage options that employ LED lights to highlight graphics or images inside a stylish and lightweight frame, creating a contemporary and powerful show.

What Are The Benefits of Lighted Signs?

Visible 24/7

Lighted signs make your business visible and noticeable around-the-clock, especially in low-light conditions or at night.

Greater Signage Options

Businesses have a vast range of options from which to pick when it comes to lit signs, allowing them to find a solution that complements their branding and marketing objectives.

Represent the values of your brand.

By designing eye-catching and memorable displays that connect with their target market, lighted signs enable businesses to demonstrate their brand identity and values.

Require low maintenance

Lighted signs are made to last and require little upkeep, so you must replace them less often.

Completely customizable

Businesses can develop distinctive and alluring displays that distinguish them from rivals by customizing lit signs to fit certain design preferences.


Thanks to improvements in lighting technology, illuminated signs now have a longer lifespan, ensuring that your investment in signage will pay off in the long run.

Time savings

Businesses can save time and money on frequent sign changes and repairs thanks to the low maintenance requirements and long-lasting led lighting.

Vibrant Brightness

Lighted signs have strong, attention-grabbing illumination. That makes the message stand out even in crowded or well-lit areas. 

Contemporary Appeal

Lighted signs offer a modern contemporary appearance, giving a company’s branding efforts a dash of class and professionalism.

Environmentally Friendly

These lit signs are usually eco-friendly because they are composed of recyclable materials, unlike synthetic banners and posters, which have a long-term impact on our surroundings.

Energy-Efficient Lighting expenses

LED-powered illuminated signs use less energy, resulting in lower electricity expenses for companies while still producing vivid and striking displays.

Light Weight Designs

Lighted signs are frequently made of lightweight materials, facilitating installation and increasing their positioning flexibility.

Here are some common places where lighted signs are used:

Lighted signs are frequently utilized in many locations for a variety of purposes. They can frequently be found in outdoor advertising, retail establishments, traffic signs, hotels, hospitals, corporate buildings, public places, events, and trade exhibitions. Illuminated storefront signs are vital in getting your store in people’s eyes as they are attractive and eye-catching. These signs have a variety of uses, including advertising, consumer attraction, informational purposes, wayfinding, business promotion, and general improvement of the visitor experience. They are essential for communicating messages clearly and visibly, displaying names and logos, directing users to certain locations and departments, promoting future events, and emphasizing significant functions or features.

Boost Your Commercial Business Visibility with LED Lighted Signs

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Several industries benefit from using soft signage as a potent marketing tool. It is a worthwhile investment because of its capacity to raise visibility, communicate company values, demand less upkeep, and provide customization choices. Lighted signs are essential for drawing customers and boosting brand identification. Select a dependable partner like Toolbox Branding for your company and assure high-quality, impactful signage to increase your visibility.