Not only are vehicle wraps a great on-the-go advertising strategy for your company, but they optimize your company’s marketing methods by differing from traditional techniques, while reaching a wider audience on the road! Optimizing your vehicle and company potential with a wrap comes with an effective process of design and installation, therefore, we’re here to inform you of the biggest mistakes to avoid when jumping into a vehicle wrap!

Vehicle wrap basics

To avoid these mistakes, you need to first understand how a vehicle wrap works in the first place. Vehicle wraps are designed to best suit the type of vehicle you own, with a light and flexible 3m vinyl layer applied to your car. As simple as it sounds, there are many aspects in which should be avoided during the design and installation process, to ensure for a successful and long-lasting vehicle wrap!

5 Mistakes to avoid

1. Graphics are too busy.

When it comes to vehicle wrap marketing, simplicity is key. You are initially choosing a design for your wrap that will allow consumers who quickly pass by to receive the message your brand is portraying. Therefore, keep your vehicle‘s graphics simple, and maximize its space with valuable pictures and easy to understand text.

2. Hard to read fonts.

Continuing with the ‘simplicity is key’ concept, difficult to read fonts will block any clear communication that was intended to be between your wrap‘s message and individuals who see it. Meaning, for effective transmission of brand and message, aim to use fonts that are clearer, and more easily read from distances away, instead of fonts such as script or handwritten fonts!

3. Low contrast colours.

When choosing a design for your vehicle wrap, you may gravitate towards taking the most subtle route, and want to choose colours in which share similar undertones, and contrast. Although, keeping in mind you need your vehicle graphics to pop, choosing a design with a higher colour contrast is best fitting, as it will allow for your brand and text to easily stand out when on the move!

4. Forgetting about your vehicle‘s curves.

When designing a wrap for a vehicle that has a variety of curves and angles, it’s important to keep in mind how text or graphics would look when installed over these angels and slopes. Therefore, don’t forget to stick to a design that accommodates to the shape and slopes of your vehicle!

5. Choosing the wrong material.

The material you choose to invest in for your vehicle wrap, is going to decipher the lifespan and durability of your vehicle wrap for years to come. Therefore, making sure you choose to invest in a cost-effective, yet good quality, lightweight material is a must when it comes to investing in your vehicle wrap and company!

What now?

With all this being said, here at Toolbox Branding, we value the quality and outcome of our vehicle wraps, helping to lead to successful marketing boosts for every company we work with! If you’re interested in avoiding these mistakes above, and investing in your company¬†get a free quote.