As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to promote your brand and reach more potential customers. One powerful yet often overlooked method is commercial vehicle wrapping

There are many advantages to branding your organization or product on automobiles. If you have been looking for new ways to advertise, this is a great option to consider.

We at Toolbox Branding understand how important advertising is for a business and how much value commercial truck wraps and commercial car wraps can add. 

Read further to learn what a commercial vehicle wrap is and how it can benefit your business. 

What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping means applying a type of vinyl film to your vehicle’s exterior surface. 

This process needs to be performed carefully by professionals as it includes measuring, cutting, and applying the vinyl wrap to your car, truck or fleet of vehicles. 

What is Vehicle Wrap Advertising for Commercial Businesses?

Vehicle wrapping advertising is a cost-effective and impactful way to advertise your business on the go. It allows you to add images, lettering and other information to your vehicle(s).

This might sound easy, but it’s easier said than done. It not only needs to look good, but it has to be done in a way that the wrap remains intact and clear despite changes in weather and temperature.

According to Modern Image, 97% of drivers remember ads they have seen on vehicles, and the average cost per impression is less than other advertising methods like billboards or TV commercials. 

Wrapping can also help you with brand recognition and help customers know when your staff has arrived to provide services. Commercial vehicle wraps can be applied to cars, trucks, vans, and even boats, making it a versatile form of advertising. 

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wrap Advertising for Your Business

  • Stand Out on the Road with a Good Vinyl Wrap

Your vehicles will stand out on the road when you use commercial vehicle wraps. A professionally created vinyl wrap can grab the interest of onlookers and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

  • Get Unlimited Exposure Around Your City

As your team and vehicles travel around your area, your brand is exposed to an innumerable number of potential customers. Every time your vehicles hit the road, they become mobile billboards for your business.

  • Stay Local

If you want to target your local market, vehicle wrap advertising is an excellent choice. Your vehicles are seen by people in your community, and you can use the wraps to target specific areas of the city.

  • Be Hard to Miss with a Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps are difficult to ignore, which makes them a powerful marketing tool. Anybody passing by can be drawn in by the vinyl wraps’ vivid colours and striking designs.

An Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) survey also revealed that 29% of respondents would make a buying decision based on an ad seen on a vehicle wrap. 

  • Get More Impressions, Get More Sales 

The more people who see your vehicle wraps, the more impressions you get. The increased exposure can lead to more sales for your business.

According to a survey by the OAAA, vehicle wraps and graphics can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions, depending on the city and population size.

  • Advertise in a Consumer Friendly Way

Commercial vehicle wraps are less aggressive and more consumer-friendly than other types of advertising. Consumers are exposed to your business naturally as they go about their daily lives rather than feeling like they are being inundated with advertisements.

  • Actively Advertise

With vehicle wraps, you are actively promoting your business every time your vehicles hit the road. This constant exposure can help build brand awareness and attract new customers.

  • Efficiently Advertise With Your Existing Assets

Vehicle wrap advertising is an efficient form of advertising because it allows you to use your existing assets (i.e. your vehicles) to promote your business. You don’t have to spend money on additional advertising space or equipment.

  • Make Your Advertisement Cost-Effective

Commercial vehicle wraps are inexpensive compared to other types of advertising. Wrapping your vehicles is a one-time expenditure that can give your company long-term exposure.

A study by 3M revealed that vehicle wraps have the lowest cost-per-impression rate of any form of advertising, at just $0.77 per thousand impressions.

  • Make It Entirely Yours

You have total control over the look and messaging of your brand when you wrap your vehicles. You can use your imagination to produce designs that best reflect your company and its core principles.

  • Advertise Without Effort

Commercial vehicle wraps provide an effortless form of advertising. Once the wrap is set, you don’t have to do anything else. Your vehicles do the work for you.

  • Protect Your Car With Vinyl Wraps 

Your vehicles can benefit from vinyl covers by being shielded from dings, scratches, and more. This can save you money on repairs in the long term.

  • Easily Change Your Vinyl Wraps Anytime

If you want to change your messaging or design, you can easily remove and replace your vinyl wraps. This flexibility allows you to update your branding as needed.

Why Choose Toolbox Branding for a Vehicle Wrap for Your Commercial Business?

Choosing the right signage company in Toronto to design and install your commercial vehicle wrap is crucial to the success of your advertising campaign. 

At Toolbox Branding, we are committed to helping businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton grow through eye-catching vehicle wraps. As 3M Select Members, we are experts in marketing and wraps, ensuring that our designs are both effective and long-lasting. 

Our clients trust us for our professionalism, industry knowledge, and the high-quality wraps we produce. 

If you’re looking for commercial vehicle wraps near you, consider working with a signage company in Toronto like Toolbox Branding to ensure your wrap is expertly designed and installed for maximum impact. 

Whether you’re looking for commercial fleet graphics or commercial car and truck wraps, we are sure to help your business stand out on the road.

Call us now, book an appointment, or visit our wrap shop to see for yourself why Toolbox Branding stands out among the rest.