Vehicle wraps provide an excellent enhancement for your company’s brand and business. However, deciding between a partial or full wrap can be tricky when deciphering which best suits your vehicle and your company. Both types of wraps are highly affordable and would contribute significantly to your company’s outbound marketing strategy! So, let’s begin by taking a look at the difference between the two!

What is a Partial Vehicle Wrap?

Partial vehicle wraps have become a popular way to customize cars, trucks, and vans. A partial wrap is a cost-effective alternative to full wraps that can still provide maximum branding and visual impact.

Toolbox Branding presents partial wraps as a 3m vinyl wrap, covering around 25%-75% of the vehicle. Graphics from the partial wrap can be simply placed on just the back of the vehicle, sides of the vehicle, and/or the hood,

Partial vehicle wraps offer the chance to change your marketing messages periodically – much like a billboard. This means you can refresh your look for special events, seasonal promotions or when you have new products and services to shout about.

PRO TIP: Incorporate the base color of the vehicle into your partial vehicle wrap.

What is a Full Vehicle Wrap?

A full wrap is simply a 3m vinyl wrap that covers your entire vehicle, with the option to cover the back windows as well. Vehicle wraps can be used to make a bold statement, promote an organization, or create a unique design that stands out from the sea of cars on the roads.

 They also provide protection for your vehicle’s paint job while providing superior color accuracy compared to other methods, such as airbrushing. As far as cost is concerned, full wraps are often much more economical than some other types of advertisement and can last up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance.

Full wraps are a great choice for completely transforming your vehicle, truck, or service van. Also, the full wraps provide more space on the graphics to allow for additional text, pictures, etc.! You can even add window graphics to help the vehicle stand out more.

PRO TIP: Full wraps are an excellent choice for businesses wanting to invest in long-term advertising strategies!

How to choose which wrap best suits your vehicle and company.

Choosing which wrap best suits you and your company can be based on preference, aesthetics, and budget. Here are some tips to help you in deciding which wrap, partial or full, to commit too!

1. What is your vehicle type?

The size and shape of your vehicle are important to consider when deciding between a partial or full wrap. For example, a larger vehicle or van with

flatter surfaces would be a great canvas for a partial wrap, as there’s a greater surface area for text and graphics. Meanwhile, a smaller vehicle with less surface area would benefit substantially from a full wrap, as a full wrap would make it more eye-catching and impactful to others on the road!

2. What is the colour of your car?

Deciding whether to cover your entire vehicle, or leave a bit of its paint showing, can depend on its original colour, and the cohesiveness of your logo with its original colour. If you feel as if the colour of your vehicle compliments your logo or design nicely, then a partial wrap could be your best option. Although, if your vehicle’s colour clashes too much with your logo or brand palette, a full wrap can easily transform your vehicle, allowing for an eye-catching aesthetic and wrap to be curated and applied!

3. What is your budget?

Budget is an obvious consideration when deciding which wrap to invest in, as a partial wrap is less expensive than a full wrap. Therefore, consider the pros and cons of each type of wrap, and use the tips above to help base your budget decision and wrap decision. For more help or ideas on prices for your vehicle wrap, visit:

Which wrap is better – next steps?

Consumers spend an average of 18 hours in their vehicles every week. Know that both wraps are fully efficient and impactful to your company’s marketing strategies. Both wraps have great benefits and return on their investment. Therefore, for more help on choosing which wrap would best suit your company and vehicle, schedule a consultation to request a free quote, and start working with us today!