Helping You Brand Your Car Wrap Better

When you’re in the stage of planning or designing your car wrap, you may forget, or not know, how impactful your choice of car wrap colours can be on those who will see it and the success of your company’s marketing results. In a simple explanation, various colours, including car wrap colours, are linked to different emotions, and thus you need to ensure that your car wrap colours choice not only matches your brand, but will also suit the emotion your brand’s message aims to convey.

Here we present to you several insights as to how your brand colours and therefore car wrap colours are either stimulating or detracting your target market, and how car wrap colours will be able to link an emotional connection intended to trigger outright leads for your business!

Why care about your car wrap colours?

Take a moment to envision your current branding colours, and think about how when, imprinted on car wrap colours, this will have an effect the way anyone seeing them will feel. Perhaps you have heard about the psychology of emotion associated with colour, therefore, your branding and this includes your car wrap colours will certainly have a large impact on the success of your business.

Yes, we mean it, even though car wrap colours may sound like a simple decision, this will go a long way to driving your company’s growth and outreach, since large extent your success will be driven by potential new leads. As you read this article you are probably thinking, do my car wrap colours accurately project how I want my potential customers to feel when they decide to do business with my company?

That’s where we come in to help you, we would be happy to share our knowledge about the range of human emotions that can be associated with given car wrap colours.

Avoid excepted and stereotypical colours of your industry

Let’s consider some examples: if your company is an HVAC business, meaning, you are in the business of making people feel at just the right temperature when they are at home, regardless of whether it is too cold or too hot outside, you will be inclined to use red and blue as your car wrap colours, correct?  Well, this would be a major mistake!

The reason? All other HVAC companies out there had the same idea ages ago, and they all have car wrap colours that are red and blue, on top of their regulation white vans. Do they stand up? No. Do they convey a feeling of trustworthiness in potential clients? Not really, since it is so hard to tell one from the other.

At Toolbox Branding we would advise you to stay away from car wrap colours that are excepted and stereotypical of your industry to the point of becoming bland and irrelevant. No one wants their brand to be bland and irrelevant, that strategy never helped anyone grow a business. For this reason we believe that the car wrap colours that work for your business are those that help you stand out and at the meantime reflect the value that you can bring to your clients.

What colours should you use?

Coming back to our imaginary HVAC company, we would advise to use car wrap colours that play with middle tones, not primary, something that will be unexpected. Also we would advise this potential, fictional client to get away as quickly as possible from having a white van.

We suggest a full coverage car wrap, this is an easy way to elevate your brand immediately. Assuming that the target market of this imaginary HVAC company is middle-class, suburban homeowners, we would pick earthy background tones that will achieve several goals all at once: stand out in traffic and also while parked. Create a feeling of safety on those homeowners that will see the van parked on their neighborhood streets. And finally, provide a background for the car wrap colours that will come from your existing logo.

Sounds complicated? It’s not! Not if you decide to work with us when picking your car wrap colours. This is what we do, what we excel at!  Here at Toolbox Branding, we strive to provide only our best work, so contact us today hear what advice we give you and to get started on the project to effectively picking your car wrap colours today!

If you’re interested in receiving guidance on how to effectively design your car wrap in more depth, click here to request a quote.