What is Exterior Signage?

Exterior signage or outdoor signage, can help businesses easily display their information and product/service offerings. Exterior signage is great for things like showing menu details, upcoming sale events, new products, or general advertising.

As signs are designed and made for outdoor usage, the material used to make them is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. 

Sign companies in Toronto, like Toolbox Branding, offer a range of options that can help you to create the ideal outdoor signage for your business. This allows your business to effectively promote its brand and draw more people in by investing in high-quality exterior signage.

Types of Outdoors Signage Used for Business

Channel Letter Signs:

These signs are made up of individually mounted letters. The letters protrude from the wall, providing your company with 3D visibility while taking up less room on the floor. 

While face-lit channel letters‘ brilliant lighting is advantageous for better visibility, this signage doesn’t always have to be illuminated. 

Pylon Signs: 

Pylon signage is the best for maximizing visibility. Hotels, banks, restaurants, gas stations and many more businesses utilize illuminated pylon signs to draw customers from near and far. 

Monument Signs:

Monument signs are elegant and prominent custom outdoor business signs, giving your advertising a powerful impression.

Monument signs can be made of a variety of materials, including plastic, acrylic, modest wood panelling, and other elements of nature like rocks, water, and flowers. A monument sign could be used to identify the main structure in a large business complex.


Exterior signage that is positioned over a storefront or entryway is an awning. These can be tailored to show a business name, emblem, or other promotional components while simultaneously offering clients cover and shade. These signs are a great option for establishments looking to foster a friendly, welcoming environment.

Window Graphics:

A building’s windows can be used to display window graphics, another type of outdoor signage. Moreover, they can be used to advertise promotions or specials. These signs are affordable and easily interchangeable to reflect shifting promotions or seasons.


These can be used to promote a company or event at a reasonable price and can be hung from a building, fence, or other structure. Banners can be utilized for both short-term and long-term promotions since they are adaptable.

Sidewalk Signs:

Sidewalk signs, also referred to as A-frame signs, are a form of outdoor signs that are positioned on the sidewalk in front of a business. Sidewalk signage is an easy-to-move, inexpensive approach to draw customers into a store.

Vehicle Graphics: 

A sort of outdoor sign that is affixed to a company’s vehicles is called a vehicle graphic. Vehicle graphics can be used to promote particular goods or services while on the move and can assist in boosting brand visibility.

Yard Signs: 

A common material used for yard signs is corrugated plastic, and they are often erected in yards or other outside spaces. Yard signs can be used for both short-term and long-term promotions and are easy to place.

Post and Panel Signs: 

Post and panel signs are a type of custom outdoor business signage that are typically used for larger outdoor spaces, such as parks or recreational areas. Post and panel signs are durable and can withstand various weather conditions.

Benefits of Outdoor Signage

Increased Visibility: 

Outdoor signs can attract potential customers around the clock as they are visible all the time. Also, they can help companies stand out in a crowded market and attract customers to their location.

Brand Recognition: 

Custom signs in Toronto can be designed to match a company’s branding, including colours, logos, and messaging. This helps reinforce a company’s brand identity and makes it more memorable to customers while providing them with information and improving customer experience.

Targeted Marketing: 

Outdoor signs can be strategically placed to target specific audiences, such as people passing by on a busy street or in a particular neighbourhood. This targeted marketing can help businesses reach their ideal customers and increase the chances of making a new sale.


Outdoor signs for business come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials, allowing businesses to choose the type of sign that best suits their needs. They can also be easily updated or replaced if a business’s branding or messaging changes.


Outdoor signs are a strong and long-lasting investment for businesses because they are made to endure a variety of weather conditions. For years to come, the right outdoor signage can continue to offer value and awareness.

Why is Outdoor Signage Advertising Effective?

Prevents Lost Business

Clear and visible outdoor signs can prevent potential customers from passing by a business without noticing it, reducing the chances of lost sales.

Reaches People Where They Are

Outdoor signs are placed in high-traffic areas where people are already out and about, making them more likely to see and engage with the messaging.

Who Uses Outdoor Signage?

Outdoor signage can be used by any kind of business that is wanting to advertise to their customers, including retail stores, restaurants, real estate agencies, and service providers. It is also commonly used by non-profit organizations, government agencies, and event organizers to promote their messages and events.

How Much Does Outdoor Signage Cost?

The price of outdoor signage can vary significantly based on the size, material, and degree of design sophistication. We recommended that you speak with a local sign company near you that specializes in custom signage to obtain a more specific quote. 

Based on your unique requirements and spending limits, they should offer a comprehensive quote. It’s important to bear in mind that, despite the initial expense that outdoor signage might incur, it can offer long-term advantages and a high return on investment in terms of improved exposure and revenue for your company.

Why Choose Toolbox Branding For Custom Exterior Signage For Your Business Growth?

Toolbox Branding is a great option if you’re looking for a dependable and experienced sign company to design custom exterior signage for the expansion of your business. Our team can assist you in creating high-quality signage that successfully represents your business and draws new clients. 

Toolbox Branding ensures that your signage stands out and offers long-lasting advantages for your company with a complete focus on quality and attention to detail. You can be sure to get the best return on your investment thanks to excellent customer service and our reasonable prices.