Are you looking for new ways to effectively and efficiently advertise what you do? Are you current marketing strategies not reaching you enough new leads? Sounds like you’re in need of an updated marketing method, and one in which can be as simple as letting your vehicle do the marketing and advertising for you! Vehicle wraps are an easy, yet effective way to allow your sales and brand awareness to increase, simply from your vehicle alone.

What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps consist of vinyl graphics being applied directly to the surfaces of your vehicle. The type of vinyl we use for majority of our vehicle wraps is 3M IJ180C. These vinyl graphics can be applied to your vehicle as a full wrap, partial wrap, or simply graphic letters alone, with the touch of any custom design that best suits your business. Vehicle wraps can transform your vehicle in a quick and effortless manner, having the ability to change the colour, look, and aesthetic of your vehicle, evidently making it more unique, and noticeable to consumers on the road!

How effective are vehicle wraps?

Now knowing the basics of a vehicle wrap, you may be wondering how effective investing in a vehicle wrap would be. Vehicle wraps provide a cost-effective method of advertising for your business. You are merely investing in a mobile form of marketing, which substantially increases your brand awareness and sales on the road. We call this 24/7 marketing. What better way to turn a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam into valuable outreach time, as consumers are drawn to your vehicle’s graphics and promotional content displayed on it. Vehicle wraps also allow for you to effectively market your business on the jobsite, as neighboring companies will be drawn to the service you provide, and your company’s brand on your vehicle. This way, your business and brand are constantly being advertised with little to no effort or cost!

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

When thinking about whether or not to invest in a vehicle wrap for your company, price can be a heavy factor in the decision process, so let us break it down for you. The average commercial wrap cost can range from anywhere on the lowest side of $1,500, to as much as $3,500. Price range of course depends on the type of wrap you get (full, partial, etc.), the material used, and the type of vehicle you’re getting wrapped. For example, to wrap a vehicle in a matte black finish, it can cost around $10/ft² depending on the choice of material used.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

How long will my vehicle wrap last? When thinking long-term, vehicle wraps can last anywhere from 1 to 7 years, depending on which material is used for the wrap. That comes of course, with good maintenance and suitable weather conditions the vehicle is presented in. For example, a vehicle wrap that’s presented with constant driving in the sun and car washes, is more likely going to wear down quicker than a vehicle wrap that’s treated with parking spots in the shade, etc.

Choosing your vehicle wrap – What to do now?

After deciding that investing in a vehicle wrap is going to be the right choice for you and your company, you may be thinking “where do I start now?” or “where can I get my vehicle wrapped near me?”. To keep it simple, here at Toolbox Branding we can easily help you and your company optimize your vehicle with a custom wrap, guiding your business to increased sales, brand awareness, and trust among your consumers!

If you’re looking to kickstart and upgrade your company’s marketing strategy, then schedule a consultation to request a free quote, and start working with us today!