Car wraps are an excellent investment for your company, as they create more outreach and marketing opportunities to capture new leads for your business. Although ensuring your car wrap is effective enough to capture leads depends on your car wrap‘s quality and the design’s execution. Therefore, to guarantee you get top-quality service and installation, choosing the correct car wrap company for your business is a crucial part of the process!

5 traits to look for when choosing a car wrap company

What kind of material do they use?

The basics to installing your vehicle wrap start from the material used and applied to your vehicle. Good installers use the industry’s top-quality materials such as Avery, 3M, or VViVVD, therefore, search for installers who use one of these materials, ensuring for a long-lasting car wrap! Toolbox Branding is a preferred partner of 3M vinyl wrap.

Does the car wrap company portray a good portfolio of past car wraps they’ve done?

When choosing a car wrap company, it’s important to do your research and check out previous jobs the installer has completed and put them under their portfolio. Therefore, make sure to check out the installer’s website, gallery, or social media accounts for content and pictures of their work, etc.!

Do they have satisfied reviews from other businesses or clients?

It is always a good sign if a car wrap company has a good and satisfied client base that leaves them positive reviews of their past work and jobs. Furthermore, it is a good sign that they are someone to keep as an option since they have testimonials and trustworthy reviews!

What experience does the car wrap company have?

When choosing a car wrap company for your business, experience matters: how long have they been in business? What results have they seen with your requests?

We’re not saying newer car wrap companies won’t be able to do the same quality work. Still, a more experienced car wrap company can advise you on what materials work best for your vehicle and fleets. In addition, their professional insight can help your business prolong the life of your car wrap.

Every car is different, and ensuring that the car wrap designs work with the types of vehicles in your business takes time and training.

How do their prices compare to competitors?

An essential component to choosing which car wrap company to work with when investing in your car wrap is pricing and cost differences between surrounding competitors. Therefore, make sure to contact the installer for a quote or estimate. Knowing how much you are investing and planning to spend when investing in your car wrap is essential!

What now? – Car wraps companies near Toronto

Keep these questions in mind when looking for the right car wrap company to work with on your car wrap! If you’re looking for more guidance on the basics of a car wrap before jumping into finding a company, check out our article: Why Spend My Money on a Vehicle Wrap, or for more information on design, production, or installation of a vehicle wrap for your company, get a free quote.